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HomeSafe Gutter Guards are Fire-Resistant and WUI Compliant


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HomeSafe Gutter Guards are designed to keep your gutters clear of debris and prevent damage to your home.

Did you know gutter guards help protect your home from things like...

  • Spread of Wildfire
  • Pests and Infestations
  • Foundation Cracking
  • Landscape Erosion
  • Ladder Injuries

HomeSafe Gutter Guards are an essential gutter accessory to have to protect your most valued asset - your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards passed both ASTM: E2768 and ASTM: E84-19b for Extended Duration Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. The stainless steel guards can limit the surface spread of flame for at least 30 minutes, potentially protecting the home from further damage. Learn more.

Yes! We recommend having your gutter guards installed by a professional contractor. Click here to fill out a form and we’ll connect you with a pro in your area.

We believe all gutter guard products require some level of maintenance to continue operating at peak performance. HomeSafe gutter guards feature patented technologies that only require a minimal amount of maintenance.

Using a tool like The 360 Clean Brush can make the upkeep of your gutter guards simple and easy. Register your product and receive your free brush (shipping and handling not included).

HomeSafe Gutter Guards are made premium materials, designed to last for decades, and engineered for high performance. All HomeSafe Gutter Guards keep out things like leaves and debris, while protecting your home from landscape erosion and foundation cracking.

HomeSafe Gutter Guards is available in two sizes, Standard and Super. Standard is made to fit 5in gutters. Super is made to fit 6-7in gutters. Make note of which faces of your home’s roofline have gutters installed and measure those. HomeSafe offers a helpful online measuring tool to measure your gutters from anywhere. Try it now! For safety, add another 5-10% of length to account for any mitered corner cuts or waste.

HomeSafe Gutter Guards are UL approved for NSF P151 and NSF 372 for rainwater catchment systems. Stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards are widely used in the rainwater harvesting industry as a pre-filtration system because of the fine micro-mesh used. It keeps the leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit from entering your rainwater storage tank. The whole size in the stainless steel micro-mesh is 540 microns, which complies with the ANSI 63-2013 standard for rainwater harvesting.

Depending on the kit size, you’ll receive either 24 or 100 (nominal) feet of Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh gutter guards in 4 ft pieces. The kit also comes with self-tapping screws, and an installation and product registration instruction card.

We recommend having your HomeSafe Gutter Guards installed by a professional contractor. We can connect you with one in your local area.

If you prefer to handle the installation of your gutter guards on your own, you can follow the installation instructions found here

HomeSafe Gutter Guards are made of premium stainless steel micro-mesh with a unique A-Bend Technology for strength and rigidity. The mesh provides the ideal surface for water to flow through, while blocking debris. The micro-mesh is held between two extruded aluminum rails creating a rigid, yet flexible, gutter protection solution.

Simply click here and fill out the product registration form. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your warranty information and a coupon code to get a FREE 360° Clean Utility Brush (shipping and handling not included)



All gutter guards can
cause icicle formations
in freezing climates.

*See FAQ and Install Guide for full details

If you live in an area that is prone to freezing, the following issues can occur with any gutter guard:
Icicles & Ice Dams
Icicles and ice dams may form on your gutter during freezing conditions. Ice dams can cause water to leak back into your home. Icicles can break and cause serious bodily harm and injury. Properly installed, operated and maintained heating elements on your roof and gutter can melt icicles and ice dams. Use a local licensed electrical contractor in good standing for installing any heating element products.
Snow Melting
Snow melt may result in water runoff from your roof which can refreeze on the ground below creating a potential slipping hazard.